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Globalization nowadays requires more and more companies, authorities and individuals to work abroad or to send their employees abroad. A comprehensive protection is also becoming more and more important on the commercial sea routes. This requires a thorough, comprehensive analysis of the situation you will find in your area of operation and, based on this, a careful planning and preparation of your foreign assignment.

Die Sicherheitsdienste Schmidt & Sohn GmbH has many years of experience in working with authorities and services of most of the target countries. Trained and experienced employees in Germany and the corresponding country ensure a smooth cooperation with the authorities in Germany and on-site. Needless to say, reliable partners in the fields of logistics, communication and medicine are on hand.

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We provide you with competent support during the planning and realization of your foreign business. In modular, coordinated solutions, we offer you a comprehensive package for the smooth and danger-minimized running of your international assignment.